The Fire Wire Holiday Gift Guide – Crayola Color Explosion Glow Dome

With various light and rotation settings, the Crayola Color Explosion Glow Dome ($29.99) brings drawings to life with the illusion of animation. A fun, new interactive way to draw, the clear Glow Dome and inside panel become see-through canvases for creating imaginative scene. Using colored glow markers, the dome lights up drawings when turned on. Designed for children ages six and up, this award-winning toy is fun for one, two, or even three friends to play with at a time.

Kids create their own glowing creations, by drawing directly on the Glow Dome and center panel with the neon markers. With six brightly colored markers and two starter scenes to trace from — or just to get the creative juices going — there are endless possibilities for designing the dome. When done and ready, kids can turn out the lights in the room, and control the lights, speed, and rotation of their creations on the base of the dome.

Kids can trace or draw freehand with the neon markers onto both the durable plastic dome and the inside glow panel for a multicolored and multi layered glow-in-the-dark experience.

They can also change their display with different light and speed settings on the side of the dome. With a push of the spin-action button, the built-in motor rotates the dome at three separate speeds: slow, medium, or fast. Move the slider on the light feature to illuminate either the inner panel, the outer dome, both — or have the light flash back and forth between them. Kids will love experimenting with the controls and changing up the amazing effects on their works of art.

Inside the package is a Glow dome base, center panel, outer dome, 6 neon markers, and 2 starter scene tracing sheets.  More sheets can be downloaded at

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