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The Tripp Trapp highchair ($240) is a sturdy children’s chair that grows with your child. It lifts them up so they can be included in activities around the table. It is the perfect Fire Wire Holiday gift suggestion for the parent-to-be or the new parent.

Children love interacting with the family. In today’s hectic lifestyle, it is more important than ever to encourage these special moments of togetherness. The dining table is more than a place for mealtimes. It’s for playing, homework or simply just talking, enjoying quality time together. A child sitting at the same height as an adult at a table stimulates development of confidence.

As an adult, we have the luxury of being able to rest our feet on the floor, allowing us to move freely to get comfortable. For your child, there is no such luxury. Tripp Trapp therefore features a unique, adjustable footrest that brings the floor up to your child. This creates better balance and comfort, as your child can easily shift their weight.

By sitting with the feet supported and elbows at the table height, your child can move easier and naturally and use their body without strain. It’s all about support, balance and movement.

The Tripp Trapp highchair from STOKKE (pronounced ‘Stoh-kuh’) is the original at-the-table wood high chair design. The Tripp Trapp forgoes a feeding tray in exchange for a closer connection between a child and their family at mealtime. Peter Opsvik, creator of the Tripp Trapp convertible high chair, had a simple objective when designing this versatile wooden high chair: to allow children of all ages and sizes to sit comfortably at the family dining table, rather than outside the family circle.

Peter accomplished this via two methods. The first is the Tripp Trapp angled design, which enables you to move the highchair up to a table of any height, thus allowing your child to eat at the table with his or her family. The second is the Tripp Trapp multiple height adjustment settings that open up a range of seat and footrest settings.

Thanks to this high-degree of convertibility, the Tripp Trapp can comfortably accommodate anyone — from a 6 month old baby to a mature adult. No tools are required to adjust the seat height or footrest, and only a minimum amount of work goes into setting this durable, ASTM certified high chair up.  This versatile chair comes in a variety of colors to match any decor and is simple to assemble or adjust.

Stokke accessories for the Tripp Trapp high chair permit parents to comfortably seat children aged 6 months or more in this wooden high chair. A Tripp Trapp Baby Rail, sold separately, attaches to the seat and functions as a passive restraint system; there is also a 5-point harness restraint included.


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