Klipsch Light Speaker Screws Into Existing In-Ceiling Lights

Consumers will be able to install their own two-source, two-zone multiroom-audio systems by screwing a combination wireless-speaker/LED light into existing recessed-light fixtures in the ceiling, Klipsch promises.

The system supports up to eight speakers for four rooms of synchronized stereo playback.

The system, called LightSpeaker, was developed by Kadence Designs and will be co-branded with both companies’ names.

The centerpiece is a light/speaker that screws into a standard-size Edison-type light-bulb socket in almost all round 5-inch R30 and 6-inch R40 recessed ceiling cans, the companies said. The single-piece housing incorporates 2.4GHz wireless receiver, 20-watt digital amp, 2.5-inch driver, active EQ circuitry, and LED light that delivers the light output of a 65-watt incandescent bulb. Switches on each fixture select the speaker for left- or right-channel playback and zone one or two operation.

Music is delivered wirelessly up to 50 feet from a tabletop transmitter that connects to one or two audio sources. The base’s controls consist of zone and source selection, volume, mute, light turn-on, and light dimming. Light dimming is controlled separately from audio volume. The functions are duplicated on a handheld RF remote.

At the end of January, Klipsch will offer the speakers on its web site in a $599 package consisting of two speakers, a transmitter, remote and other accessories. Additional LightSpeakers will cost $249 each. Broader distribution is planned in March. The light speakers will install in many pendant lights, and with an accessory bracket, it will install in most lamps.

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  1. This looks really cool. I love music through out the
    house & I love it loud. I am always looking for
    improvements for my music. This system sounds great! I would love to find out more.

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