New Video Game Releases Jan. 18th – Jan. 23rd

This week might seem a little light, but don’t let the numbers fool you.  Tuesday lets loose with the first title in a steamroller assault of huge and anxiously anticipated AAA games leaking out over the next few weeks.

The must play of the week is definitely Dark Void.  Capcom takes us on a wild jet-pack ride straight to the center of the Bermuda Triangle for a collision course with aliens, robots, Nikola Tesla, and an alterna-history cold war.  It’s got all the elements, so I’m hoping it adds up to something really unique.  I spent a little time with the demo last week and flying around with the jet pack is really awesome.  It conjured up every memory of that summer I spent when I was a kid trying to build a real Rocketeer suit.  Jumping of the roof with mom’s mix-master strapped to my back may not have been the greatest idea back then, but this week I’ll finally live that dream.  Dear Capcom, thank you.

This week’s count: 10 new games.

Monday (Jan. 18)

Glory of Heracles (DS)
Starship Patrol (DS)

Tuesday (Jan. 19)

Dark Void (PC, PS3, 360)
Dark Void Zero (DS)
Fast Food Panic (Wii)
Orb and the Oracle (PC)
Satisfashion (Wii)
Shepherd’s Crossing 2 (DS)
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (PS2, PSP)

Saturday (Jan. 23)

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction (DS)

(Written by Nick Creature)

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