Avatar Is The Highest Grossing Film Ever

Filmmaker James Cameron has topped himself. The sci-fi blockbuster “Avatar” has passed the global box office gross of “Titanic,” the previous world-wide record holder at $1.843 billion, according to estimates by sources at 20th Century Fox, the studio behind “Avatar.” Both blockbusters were directed by Cameron.

The official numbers were released today.

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One thought on “Avatar Is The Highest Grossing Film Ever

  1. This movie not only deserves to be on top, but I am most grateful that people made it that way!!
    The nice part about all this is that it had something for everyone!!
    Thank you for asking!!! My pleasure to respond!!
    Mona Klinger Bend, Oregon

    P.S. I’m seeing it for the 4th time with a different group of people on Sunday!

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