How To Get A High Score At Disney’s Toy Story Mania

Toy Story Midway Mania is an immersive theme park attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s California Adventure theme parks.

Inspired by the Disney/Pixar films Toy Story and Toy Story 2, the Florida version opened officially on May 31, 2008 while the California version officially opened on June 17, 2008.

Here are some tips on how to increase your score on this amazing fun interactive game:

Hamm and Eggs: Hit the gophers on the bottom and combine that with the fox on the hen house. Then, hit the two pigs on the fence to reveal a cat and hit that. It could pop up in the middle or close to the barn. The point value for the cat goes to 500,1000,2000,2000,2000. At the end of this game, your ideal score is 51,200.

Balloon Pop: Hit the 500’s at the bottom and the 1000 lamb in the middle of the screen. To make the balloons respawn, hit one of the green or blue 100 point lambs. Now, for the two rainclouds, clear 4 on each side and leave one remaining. Then take a breath, shoot one and QUICKLY pivot to the other. You only have half a second to hit the other one. If successful, 2000 point balloons will rain! An ideal game score is around 60,100. A good score is 72,100.

Army Men plates: Hit the plates all over the screen. Two 2000 point plates will pop up on both sides of the horizon. Aim at the horizon line for one plate, then when you hit it, quickly pivot to the other side. Once this is done, the mountain will descend and 4 2000 point plates will jump up in succession. Sort of like a wave. After this is done, hit all the plates and the plate that the tank throws at you. You should accumulate at least 80,000.

Ring Toss: Crunch time: Before the game starts, start pulling as fast as you can and make sure you aim at the aliens in the rocket. This will require practice. If an alien pops back up from the ship, it’s over. But, if you hit the secret, the rocket will fly up and will reveal a gigantobot. It will pop up with 100,500,1000 and 2000. Try not to shoot inside the 100 point range. While the mouth is closed, hit the bottom targets on your screen. Planets, rockets, jetpacks and the 5000 point alien. Ideal score should be 115,000. A great score would be 130,000. It is possible to hit 144,000.

Bullseye: It is possible to unlock the secret by yourself. I recommend clearing the middle first, then the bottom gopher, then the two buildings, then the barrel, then the remainders. This will require practice also. Your ideal score should be 52,000. A great score would be 60,000+ In the end, your score should be 300,000+ Side Scrolling: Hit the two 500’s, it will reveal a 2000. repeat as you are scrolling across. Mine carts: Hit all the mine carts. Keep the pivot movement slow and fire rapidly. But make sure your gun stays on the same horizontal axis and don’t move it vertically. Then, the huge target will pop up…rapid fire! After all that mania is over, hopefully you hit 500,000.

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