Who Are The Contenders For The Captain America Movie

John Krasinski as Captain America?

It could happen as Marvel conducts screen tests this week in its search for the actor to play Steve Rogers, the alter ego of the title character in its “Captain America” movie.

The company’s latest superhero movie is being directed by Joe Johnston and tells the story of the young infirm man rejected from enlisting who becomes America’s symbol of liberty during World War II and eventually a member of Marvel’s superhero team the Avengers.

About seven actors have moved to the front of the super soldier serum testing line and have either tested or are expected to screen test this week and next at Marvel’s Manhattan Beach headquarters.

Those known to be on the list with Krasinski include Michael Cassidy (who appeared in”Smallvile” and who tested for the Superman movie when McG was going to direct it), Patrick Flueger (one of the stars of “The 4400” who most recently appeared in the Tobey Maguire movie “Brothers”), Scott Porter (TV’s “Friday Night Lights”) and Mike Vogel (“Cloverfield”).

Chace Crawford is also in talks to screen test, though no deal has been made.

Garret Hedlund, already starring in Disney’s “Tron,” was also on the list to test but has fallen off, at least for now, because of scheduling conflicts. Insiders say he may still make the testing round. Jensen Ackles is another actor who had scheduling conflicts.

The studio has put the actors on 30-day holds during the testing process.

Sources on both sides caution that an actor may not be found from the tests, which happened during Marvel’s search for the man who would be “Thor.” For that movie, currently shooting in Manhattan Beach, the studio conducted several rounds of testing but found its star, Chris Hemsworth, out of left field.

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  1. I still think if you dyed john barroman’s hair blond he’d be the perfect actor for the role

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