Black and White Batman Statues

(Frank Miller)

Black and White Batman statues have been released by DC Direct over the last few years. Most of these are based on the Batman designs used by various artists for their contributions to the three volumes of “Black & White” stories. Artists’ interpretations currently released include: Brian Bolland, Mike Mignola, Alex Ross, Paul Pope, Tim Sale, Bob Kane, Frank Miller and Neal Adams.

(David Mazzucchelli)

(Bruce Timm)

Batman fans can collect these gorgeous limited-edition, hand-painted, hand-numbered, cold-cast porcelain statues. Each statue is meticulously designed and sculpted by the best talent DC Comics has to offer, encapsulating the spirit of the comics. In addition, DC Direct’s collection features statues in a variety of sizes and price points promising something for every collector.  Check them out HERE.

(Paul Pope)

(Alex Ross)

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