RichardSolo 3-in-1 Smart Groomer

Trimming unwanted hair can be a real hassle. Get the job done quickly and comfortably using the 3-in-1 Smart Groomer by RichardSolo ($29.95). It effectively trims unwanted hair from nose, ears, eyebrows, mustaches, sideburns and more.

Unlike many drugstore-variety trimmers, the 3-in-1 Smart Groomer does not pull or irritate sensitive areas around the nose and ears. The secret lies in high-quality stainless steel blades housed in a sleek tapered tip. These precision twin cutting blades whirling at 5,000 revolutions per minute result in a clean, comfy trim that only the RichardSolo 3-in-1 Smart Groomer may provide.

If you have a mustache or sideburns that need a quick touch-up? Slide the trimmer blade forward and flip on the switch.

Or nail a few rough spots with the built-in shaver. Whether trimming nose, ears and sideburns, or mustache and beard touch-ups, you have three grooming essentials in one handy unit.

Powered by twin AAA batteries and no messy wires, put it to work whenever you need it. Rubberized non-slip finish grips well in the hand. Simple to use, rinses with water, comes with a quick-cleaning brush and bottle of lubricant for maintenance. Use it at home and travel, or sneak in a buzz at the office. Weighs just a few ounces and fits in a pocket.

Forget scissors and tweezers, let the RichardSolo 3-in-1 Smart Groomer become a part of your grooming habit and go enjoy life. It really works!

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