The Trikke T8 Sport Carving Vehicle

The Trikke T8 Sport Carving Vehicle is the closest thing to surfing or skiing on the street

If you want the sensation of speed and fluid motion, then the Trikke T8 is for you.  The T8 Sport comes equipped with high performance air tires and aluminum rims, aircraft-grade aluminum frame and upgraded components. The T8 Sport is the perfect machine for the sports enthusiast. You can enjoy a quick ride around the block or test your endurance and ride for miles. It retails for $499.99 and is also available in a refurbished model for $390.00.


– Rider Weight Limit kg (lbs) 114 (250)

– Vehicle Weight kg (lbs) 10.0 (22)

– Frame Material al 6061 T6

– Folding Mechanism Pull-Twist Lock Pin on Arm

– Wheel / Size Alloy Air / Air Tire 8.5 x 2 in.

– Wheel Bearings 608 zz Abec5

– Brake System Dual Rear Independent, Cable,

– Hand Actuated, Canty-Lever Pad on the Tire

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59 thoughts on “The Trikke T8 Sport Carving Vehicle

  1. That thing looks pretty cool. I check your site about every other day and have found some cool things here.

  2. Now this is something I could do and probably not hurt myself! Looks like fun and my son would probably love it too.

  3. The things they come up with nowadays! Definitely would be fun to change up my workout with one of these.

  4. I’m fairly certain I could kill myself riding that thing, or at least have fun trying. Enter me in the sweepstakes!

  5. Looks like a lot of fun and more importantly, something and old 40+ guy like me could do! I want in! Thanks for posting it, love your site.

  6. Hi there, I check The Fire Wire daily. I would LOVE to win the Trikke. Please enter me in the contest – thanks!

  7. My kids love their blade scooter. They should would love this one! Looks awesome. Great Job updating the website…I look at it almost everyday at lunch time!

  8. Hey Larry, I really want one of those . I really want to win I think it will be awesome See Ya!

  9. I’ve never read this blog before but thanks to this contest I think I might start. I would love a T8!

  10. I would love to have a T8 with the new handle bars. VERY COOL. Learning to ride the trikke isn’t simple, but it is easy 🙂 I have never had so much fun while getting great exercise too. Love, Love, Love the Trikke

  11. I love my sister’s trikke. Now I just need one of my own. This is a great prize. I hope I win!!

  12. This will leave an everlasting SMILE on my face!!
    I will really love to have it….

  13. this looks like a fun scooter.. i would love to have one to lose weight aftr just losing my baby:(

  14. Love ’em!!! Managed to borrow one from a long distance relative who was unable to use it (health reasons). Trikke is new to my area. I have a 73 mile paved path to ride on. Wish I had my own!

  15. I would love to win this! I borrowed my mom’s Trikke and love it but it is only a 78cs so a T8 would be awesome!

  16. What a cool concept,for older board and kick-scooter riders. Looks well built,fun and easy enough to ride. Good job!

  17. oohhhh pick me, pick ME, I wanna Trikke so badly and I’ll be real good I promise – really pick me ya just gotta. If I could have one wish it would be for all the nations to be friends, you know world peace, but two two wishes would be for that and you pick me!

  18. I have been studing these for over a year. I went sking in Aspen Colorado with my friend several years ago and loved sking. I heard this was the closest thing to that. I can’t seem to get to the Mountains to ski so why not try one of the Trikkes? Saving my money. Looks like a blast. I need the exercise! I have knee trouble but in reading the reviews I have found that the low impact exercise on a trikke is not a problem. I will expect to be riding like a pro as soon as I get my Trikke T8 or T12. I am 48 years old and I can’t wait.

  19. Have heard really good things about Trikkes My brother-in-law got one and he is having a great great time with it. Think I would like to give it a try.

  20. Congratulations Meri Robyn, winner of the Trikke T8, I will be in touch with shipping information!

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