Tim Burton Making 3-D Animated ‘Addams Family’

Coming off the success of Alice in Wonderland for Disney, Tim Burton is aligning himself with Universal’s Illumination Entertainment and producer Chris Meledandri to resurrect The Addams Family.

The goal is to create a stop-motion animated film in 3D, similar to what Burton is doing with Frankenweenie right now. A writer for The Addams Family is currently being sought and, it will hold no relation to the television series or the two feature films starring Raul Julia and Anjelica Huston.

Burton will provide the visual palette for the picture which will invoke creator Charles Addams’ original drawings. The director is also developing Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp.

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One thought on “Tim Burton Making 3-D Animated ‘Addams Family’

  1. ANOTHER JOHNNY DEPP colaboration? Depp just keeps backing up the Brinks truck to Burtons bank. They really work well together. I can’t wait to hear more about Dark Shadows.

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