Top Chef: The 2010 Tour

Bravo will launch its  “Top Chef: The Tour” on April 14th in St. Louis and it will land in California near the end of the three-month road trip.

In each city, two former chef contestants will host four live interactive shows.

During the tour, visitors will meet “Top Chef” talent, sample food and receive gourmet cooking tips from chef contestants. Fans will also have the opportunity to win prizes by playing Top Chef-inspired activities such as Quickfire Challenges. Admission is free.

Top Chef tour stops:

St. Louis, Mo. April 14

Kansas City, Mo. April 16

Atlanta, Ga. April 18 & 20

Charlotte, N.C. April 22

Pittsburgh, Pa. April 24 & 25

Louisville, Ky. April 30 & May 1 (Kentucky Derby)

Grand Rapids, Mich. May 4

Chicago, Ill. May 6 & 7

Westfield, N.J. May 15

Philadelphia, Pa. May 17

White Plains, N.Y. May 19 & 20

New York, N.Y. May 22 & 23

Boston, Mass. May 25

Denver, Colo. May 30

Salt Lake City, Utah June 3

Seattle, Wash. June 6

Portland, Ore. June 9

San Francisco, Calif. June 12

Los Angeles, Calif. June 14 – 16

Irvine, Calif. June 17

Phoenix, Ariz. June 19

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