The Altec Lansing Mix Digital Boombox For iPhone and iPod

I had a sizable group of people over the house for my daughter’s first birthday today.  I wanted to play music at the event that could be heard over the crowd but did not want a cumbersome sound system.

My goal was to have a portable remote controlled device that took up a small footprint with crisp sound and strong bass. It needed to be powerful and be able to handle my iPhone as a source of music. The Altec Lansing Mix ($300) was the perfect solution!

The stylish Mix delivered towering volume and perfect clarity. The XdB bass-enhanced 5.25” side-firing subwoofer offered formidable bass in concert with the crystal clear high end from the tweeters.

Altec Lansing was ingenious to include a digital FM radio with telescopic antenna and 4 station presets.  Many comparable systems do not offer a radio.

The boombox can be plugged in with the included AC adapter but also has a battery compartment that houses 8 D batteries (not included) for greater portability.  This unit is perfect for parties, the beach, a dorm room, etc.

The included Clip-on remote allowed me to change the music sources, control the volume, and navigate my iPhone playlist.

The Mix allows for 3 sound sources so your friends can add their MP3 players to the “mix” and play DJ.

See why CNET voted the Altec lansing Mix “One of the best iPod speaker options out there. Excellent!”

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