The ZeroChroma Projecto iPhone Case

The ZeroChroma Projecto for iPhone ($34.99) case is the “Swiss Army Knife” of iPhone cases. It provides protection, sound enhancement and hands-free viewing in a sleek and intelligent form factor.

The slim case protects the sides and rear of your iPhone while still allowing access to key buttons. Its “Intelligent Wrap Protection” safeguards your phone from drops and scratches but leaves the front of your device completely accessable. The Projecto was designed with contoured finger dimples that assist in gripping your phone intuitively.

A retractable sound scoop slides out from the bottom of the case to direct sound from the speakers to your ears and your voice to the microphone.

My favorite feature is the 18 angle multi click theater stand which allows you to view media on your iPhone hands-free. This build in kickstand for the phone folds flat into the case when not in use and would be perfect for airplane use or entertaining a child at a restaurant.

Click HERE for more information about this ingenious case. Right now ZeroChroma is offering free shipping and a $10 off coupon (Code: #90999).

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