Order Stephen King’s Blockade Billy Now, First Printings Are 50% Sold Out!

The first printing of Blockade Billy by Stephen King is in the very low five figures and Cemetery Dance Publications is over 50% of the way sold out after just 4 days of sales. At this point, the publisher can tell you that these 1st edition/1st printings will NOT be going to any of the chain bookstores or big online retailers. 1st edition/1st printings are a must-have for any collector and this is easily the lowest 1st trade printing of any new King book since the 1970s.

Even though this is called a trade edition, it has a very limited printing. The 1st edition/1st printing hardcover that CD is selling through their online store is also the only trade printing with the Limited Edition “Blockade Billy” baseball card, which will probably become quite a collectible in the years to come. A lot of general readers will use it as a bookmark or lose it over time, so collectors who hold onto their card and keep their copy of the book in good condition could have a very nice addition to their collection.

Be sure to grab your copy now while supplies are still available. They won’t be around forever!

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