New Video Game Releases: April 4th – April 10th

Maybe the headline should read “New Cricket Chirpings” instead.  There are only four games dropping this week, the biggest of which is a previously released downloadable content disc.

The Borderlands DLC disc offers both The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned and Mad Moxie’s Underground Riot episodes on one convenient DVD.  It is the same content that was released months ago online for the sleeper-hit wasteland shooter.  If you play Borderlands and are not online, you might wanna pick it up.  Then again if you’re not online why the F are you playing Borderlands?!  It’s a co-op, loot scavenging shooter that was specifically designed for online play.

On the PC front, Lead and Gold actually looks pretty cool.  It’s a multi-player shooter that’s taken its influence from Valve’s stellar Team Fortress 2 and is set in the wild, wild west.

Two games for the DS round out the week.  Make sure to tell your wallet to enjoy its nice vacation.

Tuesday (April 6th)
Borderlands: Double Game Add-On Pack (PC, 360)
Squishy Tank (DS)
Satisfashion (DS)

Thursday (April 8th)
Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West (PC)

(Written by Nick Creature)

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