American Idol Shocker: Michael Lynche Saved By Judges On Tonight’s Results Show

Michael Lynche will live to sing on American Idol another week, thanks to Wednesday night’s (Apr. 7th) surprising results show that saw the 26-year-old New York native — and one of the presumed favorites of the season — suddenly facing elimination.

“This is unanimous, Michael, if that’s any comfort,” said Simon Cowell on behalf of the judging panel. “We have decided we’re going to see you next week,” he added with a wink, as Lynche thumped his chest and the remaining top 8 contestants rushed to embrace him.

Lynche (also known as Big Mike) was saved by the “Idol” judges after receiving the lowest number of votes of the top 9 contestants, who on Tuesday performed songs from the John Lennon/Paul McCartney songbook. While the judges were predictably impressed with Lynche’s version of the Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby,” America apparently disagreed, sending him to the bottom three along with Andrew Garcia and Aaron Kelly. Kelly was quickly sent back to safety, with Garcia following his lead soon after.

American Idol continues next Tuesday with season 8 alum Adam Lambert as the mentor. As a result of Lynche’s save, two contestants will be voted off.

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