Iron Man 2 Slurpee Cups Arrive At 7-11

This year Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 2 starring Robert Downey Jr., makes a return engagement at 7-Eleven in preparation of the theatrical release on May 7, 2010.

Always looking to up the ante on its Slurpee promotions, 7-Eleven has expanded its collectible cup count to 10 for Iron Man 2 – four lenticular Slurpee cups, four premium Super Big Gulp cups and two premium molded character mugs – and added flying character straws.

Each action-packed lenticular Slurpee cup features never- before-seen film shots of the all-star cast – Iron Man and his crime-fighting partner War Machine (Don Cheadle), as well as Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and villain Whiplash (Mickey Rourke). The cups feature multiple frames from the movie to enhance the action effect. Even the domed cup lids have been redesigned for the promotion, shaped like the helmets accompanying the armored suits.

Each collectible Iron Man 2 Slurpee cup has a code printed on the inside which can be entered at to earn points redeemable for real and virtual prizes as well as to enter sweepstakes like the “Collect Like a Super Hero-Live Like a Billionaire.”

Similar to the collectible Slurpee cups, the Super Big Gulp cups feature static images of the four Iron Man 2 Super Heroes and super villains.

New this year are two collectible 13-inch-tall mugs that replicate the movie’s two good guys – Iron Man in his characteristic red and gold armor and War Machine’s heavy-duty weaponized armor.

7-Eleven began including collectible action figures to straws as part of its movie promotions a few years ago. Characters have been reproduced as magnets and come with their own display stands. This year, they fly. 7-Eleven will offer three different Iron Man 2 Slurpee spoon-straws with Iron Man, War Machine or Whiplash figurines designed to fly around the straw or detached as a toy or collectible.

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