Eric Daigh’s Push Pin Art

These push-pin portraits are a modern take on Monet’s dotted paintings; from afar, they look like beautiful, full-color portraits of people, but up close, their true pixel-like nature is revealed.

Eric Daigh, a Southern California-born artist, displays the creative projects in Northern Michigan. He loads his canvases with pins, sometimes more than 10,000, in basic hues of black, white, blue, red and yellow. Despite the limited color palette, he is able to craft incredibly detailed works of art.

“It’s always portraits. I just don’t think anything else would be compelling,” Daigh says. “I think the faces are the interesting part, the method, the fact that I’m using push pins, has to take a second place to them. And the piece needs to convey something about the subject”

A piece can take anywhere between 2 days and up to a few months, depending on how much time the artist can devote.

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7 thoughts on “Eric Daigh’s Push Pin Art

  1. that would take a whole lot of pushpins. Well besides the sarcasm, I do think that this is quite amazing.

  2. Please is there any opportunity for a childrens , combined portreat for my wife by 13-Aug??

  3. hi,
    utterly breathtaking, i am in awe, this is art that i can truly appreciate. i hope to see many more like this. may you have a long fruitful life.
    thanks for sharing, i feel blessed to have seen this.

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