Six iPhone Apps That I Would Like To See

Here are six iPhone apps that I would like to see.  Although there might be mobile sites for these suggestions, I would prefer a standalone application.

Stephen King: One of the most prolific authors of our generation deserves an icon on the iPhone. This might spark other authors to do the same? Although Stephen King does not own a cell phone, he has embraced technology by offering stories online and via the Kindle.  It would be great to see an author checklist of his fiction and films. Movie clips, release news, author biography, book publisher links and appearances would be a must.  Perhaps Mr. King could write an episodic story that readers could subscribe to for a nominal fee?

Borders Books: C,mon Borders. Barnes and Noble has a great app and so should you. Store locations, inventory information, new book releases and author information would be great to see.  What B & N doesn’t offer is coupons and this is where Borders could lead the charge with virtual coupons instead of having to print them out.  Also, special offers that are delivered to the phone for Borders members would be very cool. Set up a suggestion tool so that when you purchase a book, Borders can recommend other titles that might be of interest to you and reserve a copy for you.

DC Comics:  The Marvel Comics app was just released and DC should follow suit.  Besides comics and a store locator it would be nice to have a weekly comic book and graphic novel release list that you could check off and have waiting for you at your local comic shop.  Have a movie section with clips, news, DVD info, etc.

Disney Parks:  Yes, there is the Verizon application and the mobile site but Disney requires something more robust.  Park Hours, directions, daily schedules, park maps, dining info would be helpful.  How about a park scavenger hunt that requires the iPhone to compete?  What if FASTPASS could be handled by your phone by entering a special code?  A reminder would be sent to you once your time slot was available.

Entertainment Weekly:  Time, Newsweek and Popular Science all have iPhone versions.  The most popular entertainment magazine should join them with updates on music, movies, TV shows, books, games and breaking celebrity news.

Apple Genius Bar:  This suggestion is for you Apple. Link the iPhone to your local stores so that you can communicate with a genius if you have a technical issue.  Order products via the iPhone and have them waiting for you when you arrive at the store.  Schedule appointments with a technical expert via the phone.  Get pinged with late breaking Apple news on new products and services.  How about Apple Chat with other iPhone users?

I’m sure that these suggestions are a bit selfish as they relate to topics that I am interested in.  I welcome your ideas as well…what app would you like to see on the iPhone next?

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