Winscape: Because Waking Up In The Same Place Every Morning Is Boring

If you look out your window and don’t like what you see and you happen to have around $2,500 to spare, then Winscape just might be the solution.

Press a button on your remote and you are peering out at the Golden Gate Bridge or perhaps you would prefer to gaze at a serene underwater scene complete with moving fish?

The installation requires two 46-inch Full HD plasma HDTV’s with window facades in front of them. An iPhone controller, a wearable tracking device and some powerful software work in concert to create the on-screen virtual image that follows the viewer around as if they are looking out a real window. If the viewer steps to the left then more of the vista previously hidden by the frame appears and if they step closer, everything gets bigger.

Yes it looks like a DIY project not designed for the novice but the end result is astounding! See how the original was created here:

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