Home Tree Initiative Kicks Off With James Cameron on Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary

Today on the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, THE FIRE WIRE was invited to Twentieth Century Fox Studios to cover the release of James Cameron’s AVATAR on DVD and the Home Tree initiative.

The goal of this initiative is for fifteen countries to commit to planting one million trees native to each region by the end of 2010. Those who buy a copy of AVATAR will find a code to register online, allowing them to adopt one of the trees and see where in the world it will be planted.

The Home Tree Initiative kicked off with the director James Cameron, producer Jon Landau, members of the AVATAR cast and several hundred children planting a symbolic tree on the studio lot that represents the future trees that will be planted worldwide throughout the year. The tree was marked by a ceremonial plaque.

“This film fell on fertile soil all around the world,” Cameron stated. “Even though it takes place on Pandora, it really takes place on Earth. These aren’t partisan issues. We’re all a part of this. “This tree isn’t just symbolic. Reforestation is something we need to take very seriously.”

The global environmental themes of AVATAR resonated with moviegoers last year making the film the highest grossing movie of all time.  Now people can take this experience home with them on the new AVATAR DVD and Blu-ray.

Cameron would not say what his next project would be but did confirm that AVATAR 2 would be released in the near future and the plot would rely heavily on Pandora’s oceans.

We want to thank 20th Century Fox for inviting us to this uplifting event. It was a thrill to meet and and talk to James Cameron.

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