How Ben & Jerry’s Chooses New Flavors

The cult of Ben & Jerry’s is a friendly one, and their Sabbath is new flavor day. With names like “Magic Brownies” and “Imagine Whirled Peace” the flavors of the Vermont-based ice cream company are known for being … out there. On April 20th, Ben & Jerry’s introduced its newest flavor, Bonnaroo Buzz. If you’ve been waiting for “light coffee and malt ice creams with whiskey caramel swirls and English toffee pieces,” it’s here. If such a flavor had never occurred to you, that’s why people like Eric Fredette exist.

Fredette is one of Ben & Jerry’s “flavor gurus.” (Not feeling the whimsy? Fine. He works in research and development.) It fell to him to create a flavor that could tie in with the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, held every June in Tennessee. Once a venue primarily for jam bands like Phish (which incidentally has a very popular flavor named after it), Bonnaroo has since become one of the nation’s biggest music fests. Ben & Jerry’s marketing pros brought him some suggestions, but Fredette arrived at the concoction after doing his own research.

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