Nook’s New Firmware Update Include Web browser, Free In-Store Reading and Games

Barnes & Noble is expanding the overall NOOK eBook reader experience with the addition of new firsts and features.

Included in NOOK Version 1.3 software (available now) is the breakthrough Read In Store (Beta) experience where you can browse complete eBooks (and soon periodicals) in your local Barnes & Noble store at no cost! NOOK automatically connects to the fast and free Wi-Fi and you’re free to read any parts of any available eBook for up to an hour per day! You’ll find lots of great titles, from the current bestsellers to classics, as we have more content available from more than 200 publishers including all the major publishing houses.

They also enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity so you connect to even more hotspots and rolled out a basic Web browser (Beta).

Plus, B & N has added some fun and challenging games — their first android apps including sudoku and chess.

Also included in the update are additional reading and device performance enhancements including improved page turn speed, faster access to previously opened eBooks, enhanced color touch screen navigation and more.

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