Showcase Your Talents on To Win Burger King Value Menu Items

Burger King Corp.’s $1 Talent Show is giving guests another way to get their hands on the new Buck Double sandwich and other popular BK Value Menu items. At, a new Web site produced in conjunction with online comedy network, consumers can share their talent, view others’ special skills, and vote on those they deem dollar-worthy. Talent show participants can identify the $1 item from the BK Value Menu that they would like to win, including the Buck Double, and then have fun showing off their talent – from a favorite dance move to an impressive back flip – by uploading a 30-second video.

Visitors to the Web site can vote for their favorite videos by awarding virtual, one-cent “tips.” Once a video receives 100 tips, which equals $1, the talented participant will receive a $1 online gift card for the BK Value Menu item he or she chose to win by submitting their video.

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