I would like to thank everyone for the kind words and support they have given me since I started this blog two years ago.

Initially the blog was meant to be a repository that friends and family could check out to see things that I thought were interesting to me or possibly to them.

I could not believe it a few weeks later when 200 people would check out THE FIRE WIRE each day.  Were there other people that actually liked the eclectic and geeky stuff that I liked? Apparently so.

Now two years later, we clocked over 3,400,000 hits and have developed some great relationships with our readers.  We are so appreciative of the generous entertainment and gadget companies that have provided us product samples and invitations to events.

I have always suffered from “First Kid On The Block” syndrome.  If it was shiny, new and cutting edge, I needed to know about it, hold it, test it, etc.  The blog has been a creative expression of that desire to share “what’s new”.

Hopefully you enjoy reading THE FIRE WIRE as much as I enjoy writing it! If you have any suggestions or tips, please feel free to contact me and again, thanks!

Published by Larry Fire

I write an eclectic pop culture blog called THE FIRE WIRE that features articles about books, comics, music, movies, television, gadgets, posters, toys & more!

5 thoughts on “THE FIRE WIRE Turns 2

  1. Congratulations. I love the Fire Wire and make it a point to check it out every day. Thanks for all of the great posts!

  2. Congratulations!!!! The Fire Wire is my favorite site….a must read each and every day. Thank you for all that you do to make every day interesting. Here’s to many more years of blogging success!

  3. Big Thumbs Up!
    I enjoy your site and never miss a post.
    I’ve been subscribing your rss for over a year! Good stuff!…& Thanks!

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