4 Cricut Cartridge Recommendations From THE FIRE WIRE

We have written about the versatility and fun of the Cricut cutting device in the past and now we have 4 Cricut cartridge recommendations to expand your creative options:

Once Upon a Princess Cartridge

Enter the land of Happily Ever After with the Cricut Once Upon a Princess Cartridge ($69.99). Utterly adorable, this cartridge contains princess-themed dolls, outfits, phrases and more. This cartridge is perfect for the little girls in your life.  Completely versatile for all holidays.

Robotz Cartridge

This Robotz Cartridge ($69.99) is so unique! Boys love robots and I actually hoped they made a cartridge with robots on it to appeal to the male audience. It’s great that you get a font as well. The 3D robots are just amazing.

Create a Critter Cartridge

The Create a Critter Cartridge ($69.99) is all about adorable animal images! Super cuddly and lovable animals are included in this cartridge. Frogs, bunnies, whales, and even snakes! Also includes a ton of other great images like flower and kites, and cupcakes too. Don’t miss out on this great shape cartridge!

Straight From The Nest Cartridge

Enjoy the wonderful enchantment of the Cricut Straight From the Nest Cartridge (available exclusively from HSN). This delightful debut features the collaborative talents of Provo Craft and 3 Birds in an engaging cartridge that is truly a crafter’s must-have. The versatility is amazing. You can make anything from cards, to hostess gifts, wall hangings, scrapbooks for bird lovers, garden journals, only your imagination is limited. If you want unlimited new projects, this is the cartridge. (Written by Patricia Fire)

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