Invisible Chair

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines captured the imagination of travelers when they hired magician Ramana to perform his famous levitation trick at Skipol Airport in Amsterdam last December to advertise the benefits of the airline’s new economy comfort option.

The marketing stunt continued at Manchester Airport T2 in February where English passengers passed by a man sitting on what appeared to be an invisible chair, legs crossed, casually reading a newspaper.

All this guerrilla marketing was to advertise the benefits of KLM’s economy comfort product, which grants passengers an additional 10cm legroom as well as enabling them to recline their seat twice as much as a standard economy seat.

My thoughts on how the trick was done (possible spoiler alert for those who believe in real magic):

There is a supportive metal or plastic contoured frame that passes through the man’s shoe and resides under his pants. The frame is rigid enough to support the man’s weight but appears invisible to onlookers and it is hidden by clothing and footwear.

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  1. I think the whole lower part of the body is fake. It never moves and it looks a bit too big for me. The rest of your explanation is propably correct.

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