Get To Know Your Favorite Celebrity With MYMAG

Film and music-video director Brett Ratner, Dim Mak Records president and superstar DJ Steve Aoki, and supermodel/actress Olivia Munn are the first celebrities to create their own exclusive magazines and online “universes” via MYMAG, the new multi-platform media outlet that recently launched.

Each limited-edition issue of MYMAG has been created by a celebrity tastemaker for distribution to his/her fans in order to share first-person and unfiltered insights on his/her interests and inspirations.

MYMAG comprises both a glossy print magazine and a Web site — the celebrity’s ever- expanding online “universe” — providing exclusive video, commentary and links. Each issue mixes original content with archived and topical articles, chosen by the celebrity, from thier favorite publications.

Deepak Chopra, a world-renowned authority in the field of spirituality, well-being and mind-body medicine, is the next celebrity set to launch his signature MYMAG magazine which includes personal writings, photographs and correspondence from numerous celebrity friends — a revealing glimpse into his life, insights and inspirations.

Each issue costs $10 and can be ordered HERE or through select select non-traditional retail outlets.

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