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Unless you live in a hatch underground, you are probably aware that LOST is coming to an end on Sunday, May 23rd (grab your tissues) and to commemorate this epic television series, Profiles in History is auctioning off iconic props from the show.

Personal Note: If there is a generous benefactor out there who would like to send some moola my way, I could do some real damage at this shindig.

There are too many items up for auction to list them all here, but the ones that really caught my eye were Charlie’s Drive Shaft ring, Desmond’s picture of himself with Penny, Eko’s Jesus stick, Faraday’s journal, Kate’s toy airplane and Locke’s wheelchair.

Here are some of the great items available to bid on.

Locke’s Wheelchair

Kate's Toy Airplane
Hurley’s Winning Mega Lotto Jackpot Ticket
Faraday’s Journal with Handwritten Inscription from His Mother
Eko's Signature Staff with Bible Scripture Carvings
Desmond’s Photograph of Himself and Penny
Desmond's Fail-Safe Key with “Joe Inman” Dog Tag
Charlie’s "Drive Shaft" Ring

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