Etymotic hf2 Headset & Earphones

I am a huge fan of high quality headsets, and own several on ear and over the ear models.  After a long day, there is nothing quite like falling asleep to great music.  As a side sleeper, I have never been able to comfortably wear my headset in a natural sleeping position, as it is fairly big and bulky.  This past week I discovered the Etymotic hf2 Headset + Earphones ($179).  These award-winning high fidelity earphones are truly remarkable.  They offer exceptional sound quality, are compact, and best of all they can be worn while comfortably sleeping on your side.

Etymotic was the first company to create and patent in-ear noise-isolating, high fidelity earphones over 25 years ago. At its core, Etymotic is a research and development company. The founder, Dr. Mead Killion, an audiologist, engineer, inventor and jazz musician built his company with the mission to design products that measure, improve and protect hearing, and to enhance the listening experience of music lovers everywhere.

If you are concerned with ear safety, countless studies have proven that using noise-isolating headphones reduce the need to increase volume, as external noise is automatically blocked out.  So even in the loudest of environments, you can listen to your music at a normal volume.

The headset comes with a variety of eartips to ensure that your fit is customized for your comfort as well as ensuring that you can enjoy total noise-isolating performance. My experience with these earphones allowed me to hear parts of my music that I had not previously heard with other products.

The hf2 when used with your iPhone, allows you to talk and listen to conversations and music with greater accuracy, detail and noise isolation than previously possible.  A great feature of this headset, is when you receive an incoming call, the device mutes and pauses your music automatically and begins to play again when you hang up, so you won’t miss an incoming call or your favorite song. The inline microphone and control pod lets you answer calls manually and allows you to manipulate the music playback functions on your iPhone or iPhone 3G. The hf2 is compatible with the iPhone (2.5 and 3G versions), Blackberry Curve and other music smartphones with a 3.5mm/4-contact phone + stereo plug.

The hf2 comes complete with:

– Etymotic hf2 Headset

– Assortment of Eartips: two sizes of triple-flange tips and one set of extra-long foam tips

– Filter tool with 2 replacement filters

– Storage pouch

Etymotic means true-to-the-ear. With these earphones you are able to hear music the way the artist intended for it to be heard…simply sheer listening pleasure. (Reviewed by Meredith Fire-Hess)

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