JBL On Stage III Review

The Harman: JBL On Stage III ($169) delivers surprisingly good clarity and volume for such a compact device.  The unique round design allows sound to fill the entire room from all directions. The docking system is very simple to use, easily plug and play your favorite music through a wide array of music devices.  The speaker is compatible with the iPhone and most versions of the iPod, including the iPod touch, classic, nano 3G. In addition, a stereo mini-jack connection also allows you to enjoy high-quality audio from a variety of other devices such as MP3 and CD players, satellite radio, laptops and desktop computers.

The unit comes complete with a variety of adapters that ensure your music player sits comfortably in the docking section.  For your convenience, an IR remote control is also included. The remote will operate through walls up to 50 feet; and features several modes of operation. The music mode allows you to control the volume, change tracks, fast forward and fast reverse. The navigation mode allows you to access menus on your iPod just as if you were controlling the unit itself. You can search your music, watch your slideshows, and find and play your videos

The On Stage III runs on AC or DC power or for total portability the unit can be powered by 6 regular or rechargeable AA batteries. The system charges your iPod, even when not connected to the computer or if the system is off. The On Stage III can be connected directly to your computer’s USB port, giving you an integrated solution to charge, playback and update music directly to your iPod.

If you are looking for a portable way to enjoy your music with rich sound quality and a depth of volume that truly fills your space, you will be very pleased with the JBL On Stage III. (Reviewed by Meredith Fire-Hess)

7 thoughts on “JBL On Stage III Review

  1. Does anyone know if the new iPhone 4G will fit the mounting slot on this unit?

    Does anyone know if the 4G iPhone is electronically compatible with the unit?

    1. Dont think it is compatible with 4G iphone, however, you can buy a gadget from griffin that will convert any non-compatible dock to work with the iphone, its about £20 and avaiable on ebay. TBH i found this to be quite buzzy, id recommend the bose dock over this anyday, although it is a bit more pricey 😀 So worth it though.

      1. I bought the JBL On Stage IIIP … and it works perfecty with my new iphone 4!
        You even do not need another dock. There are everal docks included … brilliant sound and very easy to handly.

  2. Thanks for your note Laura. Since July I’ve decided to pass up the JBL based on your remark about it being “buzzy.”
    I already have a Bose Sounddock, the first model that has poor quality power connectors and transformer and that has no Aux-In port.
    Not sure yet what I will eventually acquire.

  3. I’m going to give the JBL a try over the Bose Sound Dock. I’ve read some OK reviews on it. However, the sound dock did sound really nice at the local Costco. I’ll let people know if I notice the “buzzy-ness”

  4. Looking good for the JBL Stage III, at least for a traveler’s sound system. I love my Bose Soundock for household use albeit my older model has no port or cable for the connection of other devices.
    I note that Costco is flogging the subject JBL at less than $169USD.
    When buying any sound system, ensure first that it will adapt to your current devices, and to any you intend to acquire in the near future.

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