Occasional Demons by Rick Hautala

Since his first novel, Moondeath, was published in 1980, Rick Hautala’s novels and stories have entertained millions of readers around the world.

Now Cemetery Dance is proud to present Occasional Demons, a huge collection of his greatest short stories, which are all illustrated by award-winning artist and Cemetery Dance favorite Glenn Chadbourne, the artist for The Secretary of Dreams by Stephen King.

This huge collection by the Maine author is over 500 pages and within these pages you’ll find a demon for just about any occasion…

Table of Contents:

Short Stories

“The Nephews”

“Nightmare Transcript”


“Dead Legends”

“I’ve Been Thinking About You”

“The Man Who Looked Like Murphy”

“Toxic Shock”

“The Call”

“Getting the Job Done”

“Every Mothers’ Son”


“Hotel Hell”

“The Compost Heap”

“Iron Frog”


“The Gates of Dawn”

“Off the Cuff”

“The Screaming Head”

Untcigahunk – Stories and Myths of the Little Brothers

“Little Brother”

“Little Brother Speaks”



“Love on the Rocks”

“Deal with the Devils”

“The Birch Whistle”



“Abduction” written with Jesse and Matti Hautala

“And the Sea Shall Claim Them” written by Matthew J. Costello and A.J. Matthews

“Scared Crows” written with Jim Connolly

A limited Edition of 750 signed copies ($40) can be ordered HERE.

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