The Dyson Air Multiplier Is One “Cool” Fan

Leave it to the creative geniuses at Dyson to create a fan with no blades. The Dyson Air Multiplier ($300-$330) uses a fairly ingenious design to suck air into the base, accelerating it through an small aperture in the device’s ring and then over a ramp to channel its direction. As it happens, this also causes the air behind and around the machine to be drawn into the airflow, creating a smooth stream of air amplified 15 times, without the unpleasant buffeting caused by the blades of a traditional fan chopping the air.

The result is a safer and easier to clean fan that is a work of art. The quiet device also has touch-tilt, 90° oscillation and dimmer-switch power control.

You really have to try it to believe it. See why Time Magazine voted the Dyson Air Multiplier one on the top ten gadgets of 2009. From a design perspective, this is one “cool” fan!

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