Stan Lee to Sign Ultimo at Pasadena’s Rock’N Comic-Con On Saturday May 29th

Another exciting event this Memorial Day weekend for those in the Pasadena California area!

ULTIMO co-creator Stan Lee will appear at Rock’n Comic-Con 2010 for an exclusive signing of ULTIMO Vol. 1!

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to meet with the legendary comic book creator at the Pasadena Convention Center (300 East Green Street), Booth 402 from 2-3PM on Saturday May 29th!

ULTIMO is created by the historic collaboration between Western comic legend Stan Lee and acclaimed Japanese manga creator Hiroyuki Takei (Shaman King). Created by the mysterious Dr. Dunstan (who has an uncanny resemblance to Stan Lee), mechanical dolls Ultimo (the ultimate embodiment of good) and Vice (the ultimate embodiment of evil) battle each other across 1,000 years to prove whether good or evil is the most powerful force of the universe!

Those who haven’t had the chance to check out ULTIMO Vol. 1 yet will have the opportunity to purchase a copy at the show, at the cover price of $9.99 (no tax!). For more information on Rock’n Comic-Con 2010, please check out their website, at

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