Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland DVD And Blu-ray Available Today

Walt Disney Home Entertainment released Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland on DVD and Blu-ray Disc (but not 3D) today.

The top grossing film of 2010, with global box office approaching $800 million, stars Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter in director Tim Burton’s fantasy take on Lewis Caroll’s classic tale.

Indeed, the opening weekend for Alice was the highest-grossing non-sequel opening weekend in history, the biggest March opening of all time, the biggest 3D opening of all time and the biggest Imax opening of all time.

Disney released the film as a 3-disc Blu-ray combo pack (Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital Copy) for $44.99, single disc Blu-ray for $39.99, and single disc DVD ($29.99).

Blu-ray versions of the film include nine bonus features that take viewers deeper into the famous “Rabbit Hole” — exploring more of the world of Wonderland, its characters and the making of the film.

Features include the making of the Futterwacken Dance, a look inside the world of the Mad Hatter and Depp’s transformation, Burton’s vision for the movie and its characters, the visual effects of growing and shrinking of Alice, costume designs, music, and stunts, among other features.

Specifically, the Blu-ray versions include DVD special features “Finding Alice,” “The Mad Hatter,” and “Effecting Wonderland,” in addition to BD exclusives, “The Red Queen,” “Time-Lapse: Sculpting the Red Queen,” “The White Queen,” “Scoring Wonderland,” “Stunts of Wonderland,” “Making the Proper Size,” “Cakes of Wonderland,” and “Tea Party Props.”

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4 thoughts on “Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland DVD And Blu-ray Available Today

  1. This movie should be a big DVD hit even though you can’t capture the 3D dimension. Personally, unlike Avatar, I thought this movie could have stood on it’s own even without 3D and still been excellent. Johnny Depp beats the cartoon characters of Avatar any day.

  2. I. Saw the film six times it was amazing I may never gat over it. I know I am not alone .each time. I gave him A. Standing ovation. Michael. Wechsler. Las. Vegas nv 89145.

  3. Well, I own a 3D TV and a 3D blu-ray player, and it sucks that it’s not available on 3D!!

  4. Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland is so amazing for me! I like the colors he used for this movie. Everything looks so dazzling and each character’s so fantastic.. The marvelous creatures that I’ve always imagined since I was a little girl seems like jump out from the screen.
    Surely I will buy the DVD for my collection.
    Thanks for the info!

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