Real Life Superheroes

What makes a hero most?  Get to know the real lives, real stories and real truths behind The Real Life Super Hero Project. They don’t fly.  They don’t stretch. Neither do they explode, morph nor regenerate.  They possess no dazzling arsenal of gadgets, turbo-charged vehicles, no futuristic ballistic-armored suits.

Real Life Superheroes group shot: Top row left to right: Life, Mutinous Angel, The Crimson Fist, Ragensi, Zetaman, Motor Mouth Center row left to right: Dark Guardian, KnightVigil, Civitron, DC's Guardian, Z, Deaths Head Moth, Zimmer Bottom row left to right: Nyx, Phantom Zero, Super Hero, Geist, Thanatos: The Dark Avenger, Master Legend, Citizen Prime (© 2010 Peter Tangen/The Real Life Super Hero Project)

Rather, they are ordinary men and women, who have made a conscious choice to live extraordinary lives—living, breathing, feeling embodiments of Creative Altruism, and all that it entails.  In a world where too many people have given up and settled for less, they have decided to rock the status quo by getting up, going out and making whatever small differences they can, in hopes of inspiring others to do the same.

They are Real Life Superheroes, and these are their stories.

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