8 Incredible Health Innovations That Transform Lives

New technologies are helping close the gaps for those with physical disabilities. Each day, the physical capabilities that technology gives us is incredible, and we’re not just talking about texting friends at lightening pace, or the ability to see our energy consumption in real time. We’re talking about the abilities given to us by new tech in the health industry, either to supplement or restore disabilities experienced by people across the globe.

Technology is giving us wonderful options for those of us with physical limitations. From the blind to the deaf, from amputees to burn victims, gadgets are creating a whole new realm of abilities.

HERE are eight extraordinary technologies that hold promise for an easier life. (Thanks for the tip Don)

Josh Silver invented eyeglasses that adjust to the wearer’s correct prescription simply with liquid. More or less liquid is added to the lens until the prescription is just right for the wearer. The inexpensive glasses address an important need of more than one billion people in developing nations worldwide who lack access to eyecare.

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