Love Me Tater

Mr. Potato Head got his start in 1952, two years before Elvis Presley recorded his first rock and roll record. Now Graceland is hoping to turn the 58-year-old toy into a really hot potato.

The Elvis estate, Hasbro Inc. and PPW Toys will release a $20 “Mr. Potato Head Elvis Presley” to help celebrate Elvis Tribute Week in August. The first version will wear a jumpsuit. A second version — in black leather suit — will be done in time for the Christmas holidays.

“This is one of 15,000 Elvis-licensed products, but it is one we’re really excited about,” said Graceland spokesman Kevin Kern.

People think of Mr. Potato Head as a toy for pre-schoolers, but PPW spokesman Dean Gorby said the Elvis version will help broaden the audience from young fans to adult toy collectors. A KISS version “did great” last year, Gorby said.

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One thought on “Love Me Tater

  1. rolando says:

    I think this is cool I love oddity stuff made for elvis I think its hot different this is something I would display in my collection. Keep making them especially more elvis doll

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