A few days ago we posted about one of the most expensive kid’s toys Superplexus which costs a lifetime of allowance.  For those of you that don’t have that kind of spending money there is a smaller but equally engaging affordable version.

PlaSmart, Inc: Perplexus ($24.99) is an addictively fun toy that can be enjoyed by kids age 6 to grownups.  Although, I can say from personal experience that the adults may have a difficult time getting a turn once your kids get a hold of it. Perplexus is a maze like no other. The game consists of a transparent sphere that houses a small marble that glides along a colorful track with constant twists and turns. Along the way there are 100 check-in points. However, it is quite a challenge trying to keep the ball from falling off the track given the numerous barriers.

It is completely portable and best of all no batteries are required.  In addition to be being fantastically fun, it is also educational.  Hand-eye coordination, motor skills and dexterity improve with use. For those adults looking for an office diversion, the Perplexus is the perfect desktop toy. (Reviewed by Meredith Fire-Hess & Ben Hess)

Editor’s Note: My nephew Ben spent the entire day with Perplexus and simply could not put the puzzle down.  I asked if he would like to add a video review and he agreed.  Here is the first of what I hope will be many video reviews from our FIRE WIRE Field Correspondent, Ben Hess.

2 thoughts on “Perplexus

  1. I think your correspondent Ben Hess did an AMAZING job selling the product! His enthusiasm and excitement for the puzzle-ball DEFINITELY show through. THANKS FOR THE GREAT REVIEW BEN!!!

  2. I see a great future for Ben Hess. What an amazing vocabulary for such a young boy. Excellent job Ben. Enjoy that puzzle-ball. Greetings from Sunny Greece. Janet

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