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I have been a fan of McSweeney’s books and their Quarterly Journals since the inception of the small and very creative publishing house started by Dave Eggers.  Their books are works of art – desirable, whimsical and unique. In a world where critics say that print is dead, McSweeney’s counters with wonderful tomes that need to be picked up, read and admired.

Over the past 11 years, the San Francisco based publisher has created a novel with each cover hand-illustrated by the author. Literary journals bound by magnets, or designed to look like junk mail. The sharp wit, gorgeous design, and playful why not invention of independent literary publisher McSweeney’s have earned it a large and loyal following and made its journals, books, The Believer magazine, and Wholphin DVDs collectible favorites of readers and graphic designers alike.

Art of McSweeney’s was created by the McSweeney’s staff and published by Chronicle Books to commemorate their 11th anniversary, this book showcases their award-winning art and design across all the company’s activities. It features hundreds of images, interviews with collaborators such as Chris Ware and Michael Chabon, and dozens of insights into McSweeney’s quirky creative process and the visual experience of reading.

The dustjacket is a double-sided poster jacket featuring Dave Eggers drawings and short stories on one side and Charles Burns illustrations on the other; the book’s casewrap underneath mimics a school yearbook.

The book measures 9 x 11 inches and is 264 pages long. You can order the book HERE.

In the video below, designer Brian McMullen and publisher Eli Horowitz page through and talk about the book, showing off the Charles Burns sketch-to-final art pages, and demonstrating the cool foldout poster jacket.

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