Transparent Canoe

Constructed of transparent Lexan the Transparent Canoe/Kayak ($1,475) measures just over 11′ in length and is designed for comfort with a wide water displacement with lower deck seating (adjustable). Carrying two people (up to 425 lbs) in high visibility comfort, the see-through skiff won’t satisfy our hard-core enthusiasts, but the Transparent Canoe isn’t just novelty – the clear polycarbonate material is the same used in jet-fighter cockpit canopies and fastened to a lightweight anodized aluminum frame that keeps weight down to just 40 lbs, not included photo model. That makes this canoe lighter than many aluminum or wood canoes of similar size.

Includes two double-headed paddles, water bailer, and two polyurethane flotation bags. If you live near Denver, CO you can save yourself the $125 delivery fee by picking it up yourself.

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