America, Meet Zach Anner

Oprah Winfrey and reality TV producer Mark Burnett (Survivor & The Apprentice) are joining forces in search of the next big TV star. People can upload their video audition or go to an open casting call if they feel they have that “IT” factor or think that they have something important to share. America can vote and help decide who should win.

Last week, wheelchair-bound lady magnet Zach Anner, posted his audition tape and discussed his many talents and an idea for a TV show designed to inspire people who never thought they could travel. The premise is fascinating; join Zach as he globe-trots to some of the most notoriously inaccessible locations and embraces the spontaneous nature of world travel! No matter what the obstacle, he’ll face every bump in the road with a smile.

The video has since gone viral and Zach’s campaign to get his own show has picked up quite a bit of interest. In this video he thanks everyone who’s supported him and offers to be in a Facebook relationship with you.

In a world where it seems like almost everyone has a reality show but no one has anything to really say, I think it would be refreshing to watch Zach’s travel show.  I would rather view that program than one where wealthy catty housewives constantly bicker or gelled Jersey teens get plastered every night.

I voted for Zach and you can too right HERE!

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