Kellogg’s Should Consider The Canister

The cereal box has not changed its design in over 70 years. Consumers have complained for years about their dislike in opening the bag inside the breakfast boxes because cereal frequently ended up everywhere but in their bowl. The bags couldn’t be securely closed, resulting in stale product and once the bag was opened the cereal amount was much less than the box size indicated.

The retailer Target took all of this into account for their Archer Farms Linearpak cereal container which has a unique oval tubular shape with a custom-designed polypropylene hinged overcap for easy pouring. The cap hugs the rim of the container keeping the cereal fresh after the package has been opened.

Sonoco, a global manufacturer of industrial and consumer products began work to develop the package after Target asked the Company for a newly designed cereal package to address customer’s concerns about traditional cereal containers.

In my opinion, other cereal manufacturers should take note and create similar packaging. The benefits would include honesty in packaging, longevity of product, cost savings in shipments and ease of pouring.

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6 thoughts on “Kellogg’s Should Consider The Canister

  1. Old Geezer says:

    Just what we need. Another non-biodegradable landfill candidate that costs twice as much to manufacture as a cardboard box and ads to our petroleum demand.

    • larryfire says:

      or you easily wipe down the interior and re-use the container for other food, art supplies, etc.

      • Old Geezer says:

        Yup, for the first ten times. Even Martha Stewart will eventually run out of ways to re-use all of these. You know, just like you have saved and re-used all of those plastic drink mix containers. I’ve got a collection of those that take up a whole corner of my shop waiting for another idea.

  2. Tindy says:

    Screw that. I did that YEARS ago — it’s called “buying an empty tupperware container and filling it with cereal.” They can sell those, fine — but only if they also start selling cereal sans-box so you can refill it easily and cheaply, and without excessive waste.

  3. New? says:

    I thought Quaker Oats have been in a canister for a long time. And the frosted shredded wheat currently on my shelf came in a resealable (Ziploc style) bag – no box.

  4. Anna says:

    I think all cereal ought to come in the plain bags, and if you want a box type container, they make reusable containers for cereal already.

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