YouTube Introduces Video Editing

Google has added a basic video-editing system to YouTube, giving a new creative aspect to the video-sharing site.

The YouTube editor isn’t going to put Apple’s Final Cut Pro or Adobe Systems’ Premiere Pro out of business anytime soon, but the tool is useful. With it, you can trim videos and combine multiple videos into a single composite.

To use the video editor, drag the thumbnail views of your videos to the filmstrip at the bottom. Hovering your mouse pointer over a thumbnail at the bottom will produce a scissors icon; clicking on it will let you trim the beginning and end of a video.

You can preview a low-resolution version of the video, and once you’re done, save it to your collection. Saving is fast, because the videos are already uploaded, but it can take some time for YouTube to process the result.

The new videos are added to your collection, with the usual options for titles, tags, sharing permission, and such.

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