Disney Parks Star Tours 2 Grand Opening Dates Announced

The Disney Parks are planning to relaunch the Star Tours ride with a brand new 3D versionin 2011.  The Star Wars 2 attractions will launch on:

– May 10th 2011 in Disneyland in Anaheim (current ride closes on July 27th 2010)


– May 17th 2011 in Disney World in Orlando (current ride closes on September 8th 2010)

So if you’re planning a trip to one of the Disney theme parks in 2011, you now know when to plan the tip. And for those of you who want to tour Endor one last time before the ride becomes the new 3D version, LucasFilm is holing a special event to celebrate the end of the original Star Tours ride:an out of-this-world, first-of-its-kind decommissioning party before Star Tours launches its final flights.

Recently it was revealed that the new attraction “will take voyagers — for the first time ever — to Coruscant, as well as other destinations in the Star Wars galaxy” including the skies of Coruscant. (Thanks for the tip D.T.)

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