Two Larger Dyson Air Multiplier Fans Announced

Less than a year ago, Dyson changed the face of the humble home fan completely—not just giving it a bit of plastic surgery, but completely removing its blades. Now, two much larger, powerful fans have blown in.

The AM02 Tower ($450) stands 1m tall and measures 19cm wide, with 33L of air being taken into the fan each second, and then amplified 16 times using their “Air Multiplier” technology. It’s available in iron, blue and silver, or just silver.

The second model, the AM03 ($450) Pedestal fan, is the even larger option, transforming 33L of air into something 18x stronger: wind. The actual pedestal technology has been redesigned as well, with a spring mechanism now allowing for the height and angle to be altered. It can stand up to 1.4m in height, and will be available in either white or silver. Both the AM02 and AM03 come with remote controls.

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