Apple May Have Sold 1.5 Million iPhone 4s Already

This will come as no surprise to anyone who saw all of those lines yesterday: Analysts are saying that Apple probably sold over 1.5 million iPhones yesterday, with 600,000 preorders, 100,000 in-store sales, and 50,000 sales from other places like Best Buy, with the rest coming from overseas. If that number is true (it’s still just an estimate at this point), then Apple soundly broke early sales of the iPhone 3GS, which took a whole weekend to break one million sales.

Oppenheimer analyst Yar Reiner also says that about 76 percent of the buyers yesterday were actually upgrading their iPhones, with only about 21 percent switching to AT&T. Of the customers getting an iPhone for the first time, 41 percent were originally T-Mobile, with only 28 percent coming from Verizon (who is rumored to be getting its own iPhone soon).

No matter what the final numbers turn out to be, yesterday was a heck of a day for Apple — anecdotally, it was the biggest launch many of us have ever seen. It’s only a day after release, and already the iPhone 4 is a huge success.

Thursdays launch of the Apple Iphone 4 created a quarter mile line of buyers around the north end of the Manhattan Village Shopping Center and winding down the side of Parkview Ave. in Manhattan Beach, California.

A large crowd stands in line outside the Apple store in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, early Thursday waiting to buy the new Apple iPhone 4.

Evan Wiendczak, foreground center, from Boston, waits as the first person in line to enter the Apple flagship store in New York Thursday morning to buy his Apple iPhone 4.

Here I am at the Manhattan Beach Apple Store picking up my iPhone 4 on my birthday.

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