Superman Could Walk Into Your Town

Rather than traveling the galaxy defending the universe from dark forces, Superman may soon arrive in your hometown in a very pedestrian way.

As part of the Grounded story line that kicks off in July with issue No. 700 of DC Comics’ Superman series, the Man of Steel will walk across the USA to reconnect with the everyday people he is committed to protecting.

The story may be fictional, but many of the places and people that Superman will visit are real. DC Comics is asking readers to write in and campaign for their towns and residents to be depicted in the 13-issue Superman series.

Series writer J. Michael Straczynski and DC’s editorial team will select the featured locations. “Because Superman is a symbol of hope, I wanted folks to have a chance to bring Superman into their town, into their neighborhood, in the pages of the book,” Straczynski says.

“You have to remember that when Superman was initially created, his fights weren’t against vast interstellar forces. They were against criminals preying on the average guy,” Straczynski says. “Superman was created to be the ally of the average American, the guy who didn’t have lots of money or friends in high places.”

From poverty and drug-plagued neighborhoods to stories of hope and happiness, he will witness the best and the worst of everyday life.

“We will be asking hard questions, and Superman will learn the extent to which even he may not be able to change things,” Straczynski says. “But at the same time, we will explore the language of hope and feature the stubborn noble strength of the average man and woman trying to survive in a difficult and changing world. We will see Superman through the country’s eyes, and the country through Superman’s eyes.”

For complete details about the “Superman Across America” campaign, click HERE to visit The Source, the official blog of DC Comics. (From USA Today)

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