Would You Wear These?

This incredibly detailed, Iron Man 2 ‘movie replica’ Motorcycle Suit ($1,099) takes this same armor concept one step further as a fully functional, ready-to-wear Screen Accurate Motorcycle Suit.

Adidas’s new leather Wings 2.0 shoes designed by Jeremy Scott. They will be on sale through Adidas Originals online store on August 10th, 2010.

Converse has recently released a line of Chuck Taylor All-Stars with characters from beloved Dr. Seuss classics. The shoes are available at Converse.com.

Put a little Irish dance in any day with these clever socks. Guaranteed to bring a smile. 75% polyester, 25% stretch nylon. Made in USA. Size: women’s medium ($9).

Alicia Keys models her brand new DSQUARED2 skeletal stilettos, which will become available to the public via Zappos this August.

With the Mocc Socks ($8), you can now achieve the sock-less look for your trendy boat shoes.

ScotteVest is taking wearable storage to a whole new level with their upcoming coat, which is designed to replace carry-on luggage. It has 33 pockets and can carry clothes and shoes.

The Mr. Tee ($20) is a conceptually creative light blue tee sporting a portrait of Mr. T that’s been made out of t-shirts. We pity da fool that don’t get the irony.

The Bow TIE Tuxedo Shirt ($22) features Vader’s TIE Fighter in place of a black bow tie and with cleverly placed white backdrops giving the appearance of a tux.

Front of hoodie features the closed mouthed Raptor, when arms are folded across the chest the image changes to reveal an open mouthed Raptor, back of hoodie features an open mouthed Raptor. ($25)

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